March 22, 2012

Zanahorias Aliñadas

Sticking to lighter springy fare, I made Zanahorias Aliñadas to have as a side with dinner! Now what in the what is that you say? It's a Spanish styled marinated carrot I had in Sevilla and had luckily found a recipe for on pinterest from Tipsy Toro's Blog. I don't know if it's because this is the first tapas I had when I arrived in Spain or all the wine I drank while eating them, but this is one of my favorite dishes I had while on vacation. I wondered if I could replicate the zingy taste of these carrots at home.

The Verdict: These were awesome, but really how can you go wrong with a recipe that's main ingredients include olive oil, garlic, and seasoning. The recipe calls for the carrots to be boiled for 10 minutes, but I chose to put mine in for 5. There's nothing worse than a mushy carrot that you don't even need to chew to get down. Were they exactly like the ones I had in Spain? No, but pretty darn close. I ate a larger than necessary portion and paired it with a grilled steak, so that was my 'Murican twist on it! Don't be scared of the crazy foreign name of this recipe, go ahead and pin it onto your side dish board and make in place of a salad for your next meal.

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