May 24, 2012

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Despite working in various bars through my college years, I am not a big cocktail maker. It's not that I don't enjoy them, but going to school in London turned me into a beer drinker. The fanciest I got during my days in England were Pimms + Lemonade, and I rarely have those anymore as they are not common in New England. I came across a Raspberry Beer Cocktail recipe while surfing Pinterest that I thought would be perfect for a play date with my friend and a way to traverse into the world of summer cocktails.

The Verdict: This is the perfect summer drink for the not so girly girl as they are largely made out of beer, though you would never guess by just the taste. The original recipe calls for raspberry lemonade concentrate, but we used a pink lemonade concentrate with no complaints. You can add your favorite or cheapest beer too!  The tartness of the frozen raspberries and lemonade concentrate mix well with the beer to create a refreshing and not overly sweet fruity drink. Be warned: these are potent and easy to drink. So enjoy somewhat responsibly. Feel free to experiment too! I am trying this cocktail with lemonade concentrate and blueberries next. Pin these and double the recipe for your next get together!

P.S - Mac had a play date with his friend Barkley too. No doggy cocktails, but plenty of toys and treats.

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