October 13, 2013

Blackberry Extravaganza: Part 3 of 3

Summer is over, but hopefully this last blackberry recipe will last me through the next few seasons. This recipe was definitely out of my wheelhouse: jelly AND canning. PB&Js are still a lunchtime staple for me, so i thought I'd give it a whirl. I myself prefer jelly over jam. do you remember the difference? Jelly = no crunchy seeds! This recipe calls for the blackberries to be strained from through a cheesecloth or pillowcase, but I used an extra shirt. I wasn't supposed to press the blackberries, but instead let it drip until I had enough amount of liquid to boil. Well, this was definitely testing my patience. I waited a couple of hours and didn't have enough juice so I definitely ended up pressing those jerk berries.

Everything went fairly smooth after this; boiled the mixture, got it in the cans, and put them in the water bath. My jam tasted delicious, sweet and fruity. It ended up a tad on the runny side, not sure if I didn't use enough pectin or left my cans in the water bath too long. I'm using this to my advantage though, perfect for sandwiches, syrup on pancakes, or even drizzled on sundaes.

All in all, not too shabby for my first foray into canning. I'll be ready to try more next summer. Tuck this recipe away for next year if you want to try something new in the kitchen. On to Fall though, ready to break out the crockpot!

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