February 28, 2012

Mini Corn Dogs

My first project from Pinterest comes from the blog brandyscraft. I thought my initial post should represent who I am and what I'm all about, so the decision was obvious: Mini Corn Dog Bites! I'm a little silly and a little corny and I love everything and anything in miniature form. I originally pinned these suckers back around the Super Bowl when salty snacks were getting a lot of love on Pinterest. What I loved about this recipe was it seemed easy, but impressive.

The Verdict: These were great. They were easy enough to make for a weekday meal, as long as you have a cute assistant and a wiener dog to help you out (see bottom two pictures). I suggest using mini cheese filled cocktail dogs and adding a little extra milk to the batter for easy dipping. Pair these with your favorite dipping sauces and fries (or veggies if you're feeling lame/guilty). Definitely head over to Brandy's blog and pin this one!

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