March 28, 2012

Raspberry Chiffon Pie

The key to a successful friendship is finding people who you have things in common with. It's no secret that my closest friends enjoy food as much as I do. You don't want a piece of cake or don't want to talk about a fried chicken recipe I just found? I might have an issue with you and not invite you over anymore. My friend Heather and I planned a dinner for Saturday and talked about everything we were going to consume for about a week. I would characterize myself primarily as a cake fan, but the warm weather last week put me in the mood for something fruitier. I came across a recipe for Raspberry Chiffon Pie on Pinterest, and knew if I brought this (and a couple bottles of wine) it would be a hit!

The Verdict: This recipe may have converted me into a pie lover. I may start cheating on cake more often. The fruit, chiffon, and whipped cream layers came together to form a zesty and light pie that melted in your mouth. The inclusion of cream cheese in the crust gave it just the right amount of added flavor that a butter or crisco crust often lacks.

Of course no baking is without it's mishaps. I got so excited when I saw Annie's pie picture, I rushed to get all the ingredients without reading all the instructions. When I went to make the pie I realized I did not own a fine mesh strainer for the fruit layer! Ugh, so it was off to the grocery store at 8:30 in the morning to grab one. I picked up some wine as well, and yes you will get funny looks from the old-lady cashier when you buy booze that early in the day! I just gave her my best wino smile and off I went back home to finish the pie.

The only issue I had with the pie itself came when it was time to cut the sucker. The crust stuck to the pie dish, so the first piece did not come out photo ready. I placed the pie dish on the stove burner for 15 seconds to loosen the crust to much better results for the second slice.

If you're looking for a pie to try this Spring, pin this one to your dessert board! Just make sure you read the recipe through to make sure you have all the necessary equipment!

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