April 1, 2012

Get Your Nails Did: Gradient Nail Deisgn

Have you ever noticed that girls on Pinterest all seem to have clear skin, stylish outfits, darling homemade jewelry, shiny styled hair, and fabulous nails? And somehow they seem to pull it off so effortlessly. My days of going into the office in a pair of jeans, comfy college sweatshirt, and four year old Ugg boots is over. I'm going to be one of those naturally pretty girls this summer who looks like she woke up that composed (Or least try not to look like I just rolled out of bed)!

I thought I'd start this transformation from drab to fab off with Laynie's tutorial on gradient nail design. Baby steps right? Lets not go overboard in one day!

The Verdict: This tutorial was easy to follow, simple enough to do on your own, and you're likely to have all the necessary polishes and sponges at home. (If not, nothing a quick detour to Target won't fix!). I knew my nails came out good when I went to work and my coworker declared they were "wicked cute". Getting a wicked anything in New England is like hitting a home run. This gradient design is really forgiving too. Any mistakes you make are likely to blend into the design. Yes, you will make a mess while you're doing this, but don't bother trying to get the extra polish surrounding your nails off with nail polish remover. Paint your nails at night, and peel away any extra paint during your morning shower. Much easier! If you're looking for something a little different to give your spring outfit that extra oomph, pin this to your Style Pinboard.

No Mac! You won't sit still enough for me to do your nails!

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