June 24, 2012

S'mores Trail Mix

I haven't been blogging enough lately, but rest assured that I have still been pinning and creating! I've got a bit of a backlog going. The weather has finally heated up in New Hampshire, so I'm attempting to spend more time outside and less by my computer. It'll be winter again and I'll be subjected to the apartment with Mac, Mike, and a snuggie soon enough. Lots of granola activities until then. Fishing, hiking, and swimming require snacks. I knew a hike up Mount Elmore in Vermont would require some munchies, so I found a s'mores trail mix to make and bring along.

The Verdict: With just five ingredients, this is the easiest snack to assemble to ensure you don't pass out half way up a mountain. The almonds are the redeeming factor to this not so healthy trail mix. But with my logic, if you're going on four hour hike, you can afford to chow down on sugary goodies. The original recipe calls for chocolate covered pretzels, but I substituted with chocolate animal crackers. Not a bad idea when enjoying in 80+ degree weather. I also doubled it for Mike and Mac to bring along fishing. This is best enjoyed on the same day you make it as the marshmallows can go a bit stale when combined with the other ingredients. This is winner though, so pin and bring this along on your next summer activity. 

1 comment:

  1. they would taste good mixed into a marshmallowey type square too!