February 26, 2013

Crockpot Chicken Tacos

I am always on the lookout for crockpot recipes. Dump some ingredients in a pot, and bada bing, you have a meal ready for dinner time, and usually leftovers for the next day as well. I've seen these crockpot chicken tacos floating around pinterest for awhile and thought I'd give them a shot. I liked that these used something other than ground beef.

Key ingredient to any crockpot meal: electricity. Unfortunately ours went out the second I had stirred all the ingredients together as a heavy snow storm made it's way in. Mac, Mike, and I made our way outside to shovel and distract ourselves from the taunting uncooked meat. (Well, let's be realistic. Mike shoveled and I played in the snow with the pup). The electricity came on a few hours later and I cranked that pot up to ensure we had a meal ready for dinner. Building a snowman really builds up an appetite. The chicken cooked up within 3 hours and fell apart with ease. It absorbed the salsa and taco flavoring and provided a great base for additional toppings. My favorites: sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. This recipe was a breeze, and despite it's simplicity, is easily adaptable. With the eclectic range of taco seasonings and salsas available, the options are endless. I give this 4 noms out of 5 and recommend this pin for a weekday meal or a large gathering.

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