March 10, 2013

Sirloin Steak & Pepper Sandwiches

Winter isn't over yet, no matter how much I try to will it away. The only thing I am remotely enjoying about the cold weather at this point is the crockpot. Meaty aroma floating through the house almost makes you forget that there's a a foot of snow out there still. I have a few more recipes left for the season before I retire the slowcooker for the year. We had the chicken tacos last week, so I thought I'd try beef this time after finding Where The Cookies Are's Slow Cooked Italian-Style Sirloin with Yellow Peppers. MMM beef.

It doesn't get much easier than this. Seasoning, Water, Pepper, Beef, and Buns are all you need to make these sammies. I opted for hot peppers, but you can use bell if you have wimps non-spicy fans at your dinner table. I was afraid I had overcooked the meat, a fear I often have when you using a crockpot. The meat seemed dry when it came time to shred it. However, when placed back in the pot, the beef absorbed the juices and the pepper water like a sponge. Problem solved. Make sure you use extra big buns that can accommodate and handle all the delicious juice. Simple and satisfying meal for any day of the week or for a large crowd. Pin away!

P.S - I served these sandwiches up with the brand new Sriracha Lays and green beans (out of guilt). I was disappointed with the chips. They delivered more of a ketchup taste rather than a traditionally hot rooster sauce flavor.  Hoping the garlic bread and chicken and waffles flavors are more promising!

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