March 14, 2012

Mock S'mores Bars

My boyfriend and I recently moved in together and it's been great. However, I forgot boys eat copious amounts of everything! It used to take me a week or so to go through a box of granola bars, but the boxes seemingly disappear in a matter of days now. Either Mike has started feeding Macaroni (my sweet pup) large amounts of snacks or he's eating a couple a day. Solution? Attempting to make a batch of Alaska from Scratch's Mock S'mores Bars to save a couple bucks and a few runs to the grocery store.

The Verdict: These were super easy to assemble and you're likely to have all the ingredients you need at home. I substituted mini marshmallows with Jet Puffed Mallow Bits because they reminded me more of what a store bought granola bar looks like. Did they taste exactly like Chewy Bars? No, but they were still tasty and a great addition to my morning coffee. The honey was slightly overpowering for me, so if I was to make them again I would substitute maple syrup. (This is simply my preference and not a fault of the recipe). The only real issue I had with these bars is they didn't quite stay together if they were left out of the refrigerator for long. This is likely a baker error, maybe I used too big of a pan and spread them too thin. Regardless, you can quickly cram these in your mouth before that becomes a problem or even crumble into a plain or vanilla yogurt.

Have you tried Maya's recipe? If so, did you have a similar problem? If you haven't made them, go ahead and pin these to your breakfast or snack board and let me know what you think!

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