April 18, 2012

Spinach & Asapragus Soup

This is New England, I should have known better. That warm weather wasn't going to last. We went from a balmy 80 degrees back to gray and cold in a blink of an eye. What horse shit! While I had mentally transitioned to Spring, my stomach couldn't on such a crappy day. I pulled up Jenny Hobick's Cream of Spinach and Asparagus Soup from my dinner board for one last comforting winter meal.

The Verdict: I was skeptical at first. It was looking quite runny while it was simmering on the stove. Luckily we were not organized that night, and the soup ended up sitting on the burner for 45 minutes longer than suggested in the recipe. This gave it plenty of time to thicken up and the flavors of the asparagus and scallions to sink in.

I added chicken to this soup as well, as I've found out a meal isn't a meal to a boy if it doesn't include meat. Pairing this soup with a salad and garlic bread definitely made a filling meal and no late snacks were needed as a result! The crispy pancetta on top gave it a salty bite, so don't skimp on this ingredient! We are bound to have a few more cold days before summer truly sets in, so pin this soup to try on a cold day!
P.S - This soup will make your pee extra potent immediately after consuming!

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