May 8, 2012

S'mores Ice Cream Cupcakes

Last's week's savory cupcakes were great, but I needed to go back to my sugary roots. Bubbly Nature Creation's Ice Cream Cupcakes were everything I was looking for: sweet, cupcake shaped, and drool worthy. While I will certainly loved Rachel's Cake Batter Version, I came up with own little s'mores adaptation.

The Verdict: These cupcakes are so versatile. The combination possibilities are endless and assembly couldn't be easier. Rolling with the s'mores theme and using a mini muffin pan, I started with a graham cracker bottom, followed by a layer of vanilla ice cream, and topped them off with whipped cream. I spruced up the whipped cream layer with a packet of Duncan Hines chocolate marshmallow flavor mix for extra s'morsey goodness! My recipe is below if you want to give it a go.

The key to these little gems is patience. This is certainly not my strongest attribute and something I have to work on in and out of the kitchen, but I digress. This starts with waiting for the graham cracker layer to chill in the freezer for 10 minutes. You will also have to wait for that ice cream to soften up, so make sure you set it out while you're making the bottom layer or for at least 20 minutes. It will make adding that middle layer that much easier. Again, keep your composure while these go back in the freezer. Have a few bites of that softened ice cream if you're struggling. After these harden, pipe on the whipped cream. If you can eat all of these in one sitting, go right ahead. If not, pop some back in the freezer to enjoy later. The whip cream topping tastes just as good when frozen.
Pin these bite sized treats to try for your next dessert. What flavor combination would you make?

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